Friday, 26 April 2013


This bag has come out an odd colour! It is bright but not this bright haha, sorry to blind you. It is a neon lime green! Least it will be easy to see me from a distance when i wear this out haha. I was in New Look the other day with a friend and i spotted this bag. I am not usually a New Look person, but i though this would be a great summer clutch bag. Its small, but enough space to fit everything! 

I think this kind of colour looks best with black and white, so i styled it with my white turtle neck top which i got recently from Primark. The fitting of the top is a bit awkward, however, tucked in to these leggings, or a skirt, it looks fine! I really need to sort myself out with a camera, the quality of these photos are so bad, apologies!

Anyway back to this 1500 word essay i'm working on!

A x

Bag-New Look//Leggings-New Look//Jacket-Old//Top-Primark//Loafers-Primark (old) 


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Friday, 12 April 2013

Gold Casio

Just a quick ootd post to show my new gold Casio watch! Isn't it weird how these watches have made a comeback from the 80's/90's now. It was only £30 from Amazon so i hope it doesn't break on me. A watch is such an important item of jewellery, and everyone should wear one haha. 

This was just a usual outfit to uni, the top is my one and only purchase from ASOS, i know sounds mad, but the website has so much stuff, it overwhelms me haha. It shorter at the front, and longer at the back so has to be worn with leggings, but i have styled it with a fitted skirt for a night out before. I'm going to start showing some of my outfits that i wear on nights out, a bit of variety haha. 

Get the watch here!


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