Saturday, 29 December 2012

Night Time at South Beach

Night Time at South Beach

$11 -

Mesh bra

Acne leather clutch
$250 -

Oops, i didn't actually realised that this posted on to my blogspot from my Polyvore, however as my laptop has just broken on me (cry cry) blogging will be suspended for a short while. Upsetting as i have so much new stuff to show you and style! Ahh but fot now, here is a cool outfit i would wear whilst holding a cocktail in Miami. (in my dream ha)


Thursday, 13 December 2012

Black and White

My coat that i ordered from Shanghai finally came! To be fair the delivery time was actually really quick, and i am very pleased with my purchase, it was only £20! Its black with contrast leather sleeves, its so chic, and will go with any outfit. I was worried about the length, as i'm only short, but its just right. I'm a bit late in buying a winter coat haha, but i am not a coat person, i despise how they hide your outfit. Also i'm not sure if this shirt is long enough to wear with tights, but oh well it doesn't matter as i am now back from uni, and my day consists of eating and watching films. And hopefully more outfit posts!

A x

Coat-Ebay//Shirt-H+M//Tights-Pretty Polly